• According to the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Gaza, the number of deaths from starvation and dehydration has risen to 25, including 21 among youngsters.

• On March 8, a humanitarian aid airdrop is claimed to have malfunctioned, resulting in the deaths of at least five Palestinians.

• On March 8, an NGO relief worker was slain in Gaza.

• On March 9, the hospitals in Al Ahli and As Sahaba, in northern Gaza, received fuel and orthopedic and trauma supplies from the World Health Organization (WHO).

• Since the start of 2024, the demolition of around 560 Palestinians’ homes has resulted in their displacement throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

            Updates on the Gaza Strip

•           Ongoing and severe Israeli airstrikes, ground operations, and intense clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups persistently afflict the Gaza Strip, particularly in the Hamad area northwest of Khan Younis. This has resulted in additional civilian casualties, displacement, and extensive destruction of homes and civilian infrastructure.

•           From the afternoon of March 8 to 09:30 on March 11, the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Gaza reported 234 Palestinians killed and 358 injured, with 67 fatalities and 106 injuries occurring in the last 24 hours. Between October 7, 2023, and March 11, 2024, a total of 31,112 Palestinians were killed, and 72,760 were injured, with 72% being women and children, according to the MoH in Gaza.

•           Several tragic incidents were documented between March 8 and 10, including the destruction of houses in Al Qarara, an airstrike in Az Zawayda causing casualties, and an apartment hit in the Brazil neighborhood. Humanitarian aid airdropped near Al Fayrouz Towers resulted in casualties, and multiple houses were struck in the An Nuseirat and Al Baraka areas. Additionally, tents housing internally displaced persons in Al Mawasi were hit on March 10.

•           According to the Israeli military, two soldiers were killed in Gaza between the afternoons of March 8 and 11. As of March 11, a total of 247 soldiers have been killed and 1,474 injured in Gaza since the beginning of the ground operation. The Israeli authorities estimate 134 Israelis and foreign nationals remain captive in Gaza, including those who lost their lives.

•           Humanitarian aid workers’ lives are at risk due to the ongoing hostilities. On March 8, Anera reported the death of its logistics coordinator in an Israeli airstrike on a shelter in Deir al Balah, emphasizing the need for an independent investigation and accountability measures.

•           The malnutrition crisis in Gaza is escalating rapidly, driven by a severe lack of food, water, and health services. The World Food Programme (WFP) warns of long-term health impacts, particularly affecting women and children, with a death toll of 25 reported in northern Gaza due to malnutrition and dehydration. Save the Children urgently calls for a ceasefire and unrestricted humanitarian aid and commercial goods flow into Gaza.

• On March 8, UNFPA, OCHA, and ICRC conducted a rapid assessment of Al Ahli and As Sahaba hospitals in Gaza City. Both hospitals face significant challenges, with Al Ahli severely damaged and understaffed, while As Sahaba suffers from extreme shortages of oxygen and anesthetics. The medical staff, despite being overworked, urgently need specialized equipment and fuel. WHO delivered crucial supplies and fuel to support these hospitals, highlighting the imperative need for sustained and safe access to health facilities for providing lifesaving healthcare regularly.


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