In the quiet hours of Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at precisely 12:22 AM local time (GMT -6), a seismic tremor of magnitude 2.5 reverberated through the serene landscapes near Cedar City, Utah, United States. The epicenter of this gentle yet perceptible quake was located a mere 6.5 kilometers (approximately 4 miles) away from the heart of Cedar City.

This seismic event occurred with remarkable shallowness, with its focal depth registering at a mere 0.5 kilometers (equivalent to 0.3 miles) beneath the earth’s surface. Despite its modest intensity, the tremor’s shallow origin ensured its palpable effects were widely experienced across the region.

Residents of Cedar City and its surrounding areas were stirred from their slumber by the unexpected jolt as the quake’s gentle ripples traversed through the ground. The tremor, though relatively mild, managed to evoke a sense of unease and curiosity among those who felt its subtle sway.

In the aftermath of the event, conversations buzzed within the community as locals exchanged anecdotes of their experiences during the nocturnal disturbance. While the seismic activity left no significant damage in its wake, it served as a reminder of the ever-present dynamism of the earth beneath our feet.

In the early hours of April 2, 2024, seismic sensors detected a subtle tremor near Cedar City, Iron County, Utah, USA. This seismic event, initially measured at a modest magnitude of 2.5, unfolded at a remarkably shallow depth of just 1 kilometer beneath the Earth’s surface, echoing the region’s quietude with its understated presence.

The United States Geological Survey swiftly reported the occurrence, pinpointing its exact timing to 12:22 AM local time. With a depth equivalent to a mere 0.3 miles, this earthquake’s proximity to the surface amplified its perceptibility, accentuating the tremors felt by those within its vicinity. Yet, the precision of its magnitude, epicenter, and depth remained subject to potential revisions as seismologists meticulously scrutinized incoming data to refine their analyses.

Echoing this observation, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) corroborated the event, aligning their assessment with a magnitude of 2.5 as well.

Communities residing in the vicinity of the epicenter, such as Cedar City, with its population of 30,200, and Enoch, situated 6 miles away, likely experienced the tremor’s gentle nudges. However, in more distant locales like Parowan, Tocqueville, Enterprise, and La Verkin, where distances from the epicenter ranged from 17 to 37 miles, the seismic disturbance likely passed unnoticed.

Shortly after the initial report, unverified accounts surfaced of additional ground shaking around Cedar City. Although details regarding magnitude and depth remained elusive, these reports hinted at the possibility of further seismic activity. Pending confirmation, anticipation mounted for more precise data to emerge, underscoring the imperative of vigilance and preparedness in the face of nature’s unpredictable movements.


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