The national carrier Batik Air is the subject of an investigation by Indonesia after it was found that both of its pilots had dozed off for a total of twenty-eight minutes during a flight. The two pilots, who were both placed on temporary leave, fell asleep on January 25 while traveling from Sulawesi to Jakarta.

About thirty minutes after takeoff, the thirty-two-year-old captain gave his 28-year-old co-pilot instructions to take over the Airbus A320, citing his need for rest because he was taking care of his newborn twins. While helping his wife with their one-month-old twins, the co-pilot inadvertently dozed off as well.

Despite the aircraft briefly deviating off course, it landed safely with all 153 passengers and crew unharmed. Jakarta air traffic control attempted to contact the cockpit during the 28-minute radio silence after the last recorded transmission. The lead pilot eventually woke up, realizing both pilots had been asleep and that the plane had briefly veered off course. They responded to calls from Jakarta and safely landed the aircraft.

Pre-flight medical tests indicated the pilots were physically fit, with normal blood pressure and heart rates, and negative alcohol tests. However, these tests did not assess the quality of their rest, leaving uncertainties about their actual readiness, according to aviation expert Alvin Lie.

Authorities have strongly rebuked Batik Air for the incident, emphasizing the importance of the airline prioritizing adequate rest for its crew. M Kristi Endah Murni, Indonesia’s head of air transport, conveyed the need for Batik Air to pay closer attention to crew rest time. Batik Air, in response, asserted its compliance with an adequate rest policy and committed to implementing all safety recommendations.


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