American woman and her daughter were abducted in Haiti.American woman and her daughter were abducted in Haiti.

Six days have passed since American nurse Alix Dorsainvil and her daughter were abducted from the community ministry where she worked in Haiti. The circumstances surrounding their capture and current whereabouts remain uncertain as the aid group collaborates with authorities and partners in the United States and Haiti to secure their freedom.

The case has drawn the attention of President Joe Biden, who has been briefed on the situation. Haiti has been experiencing a surge in crimes and unrest, with over 1,000 people being taken hostage for ransom this year, as reported by the United Nations.

The Christian humanitarian organization, El Roi Haiti, expressed their gratitude for the support they have received while refraining from sharing specific details about the ongoing efforts. They urged the public to continue praying for the protection and release of Alix and her daughter.

The abduction occurred on Thursday morning while Alix Dorsainvil and her child were serving at the community ministry on El Roi Haiti’s campus near Port-au-Prince. The incident was witnessed by a patient waiting for a medical checkup, who described feeling terrified when one of the kidnappers brandished a gun.

In response to the deteriorating security situation in Haiti, the US State Department ordered the departure of nonemergency government personnel from the country. The US Embassy also issued a travel advisory for US nationals, urging them to leave immediately due to recent armed clashes between criminal groups and police in Port-au-Prince.

National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, John Kirby, informed CNN that President Biden is closely following the situation and the efforts to secure Alix’s release. He emphasized the sensitivity of the matter and the need to avoid public discussion of specific rescue efforts.

Haiti has been grappling with a kidnapping-for-profit epidemic, affecting both locals and foreigners. The region around Port-au-Prince has seen an alarming number of kidnappings, with hundreds of victims targeted by gangs seeking ransom payments each year. While most cases involve Haitian citizens, foreigners have also been victims of high-profile abductions.

The community at El Roi Haiti and other residents demonstrated on Monday, demanding the release of Alix Dorsainvil and her daughter. Alix, a New Hampshire native, has been working as a nurse at the school since 2020 and married Sandro Dorsainvil in 2021. Her connection with Haiti began after she visited the country following the devastating 2010 earthquake and developed a deep affection for its people.

Alix’s dedication and compassion have been evident throughout her years spent in Haiti, where she showed love and care in various ways before officially joining the staff at El Roi Haiti. The organization praised her kind and inclusive nature, as she seeks to bring love and comfort to everyone she encounters.


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