Jordanian King Abdullah is expected to exert influence in Washington, DC this week, navigating the complex dynamics between a population with ties to Hamas and strategic partnerships with the US and Israel, as noted by an expert.

Jordanian King Abdullah is set to exert his influence in Washington, DC this week, navigating a delicate balance between a population with ties to Hamas and strategic alliances with the US and Israel, according to an expert. Last Sunday, footage released by Jordan’s official news agency, Al Mamlaka, showcased a Jordanian Air Force aircraft delivering medical supplies to Gaza’s field hospitals. Notably, King Abdullah was present on the flight, attired in military gear. While this humanitarian effort may appear as a publicity move, it’s seen as a means to enhance the monarch’s standing among his people, as highlighted by Jordan researcher Aaron Magid. Magid, a former Amman-based journalist who currently hosts the podcast “On Jordan,” emphasized the emotional resonance of the Gaza conflict within Jordan, particularly among the 50 to 60 percent of the population of Palestinian descent. The constant exposure to distressing news from sources like Al Jazeera profoundly affects many Jordanians. King Abdullah’s involvement not only resonates with the domestic audience but also underscores Amman’s commitment to easing the suffering of Gazan civilians while maintaining diplomatic ties with the US and Israel. This stance, as explained by Magid, reflects Jordan’s intricate balancing act – genuinely desiring an end to the conflict while recognizing the importance of its strategic partnerships, which include substantial aid from the US Congress.


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