Mass protests across Pakistan after Imran Khan ArrestMass protests across Pakistan after Imran Khan Arrest

Nationwide protests spearheaded by Imran Khan’s fans have broken out in response to his imprisonment on corruption accusations, leading to violent clashes with law enforcement. Dramatic video of the 70-year-old being taken into prison by officials on Tuesday at Islamabad’s High Court was used to document the arrest. Mobile data connections were shut down nationwide on Friday as a result of the escalating tensions, despite calls from the US and UK for respect for the law. Violence has broken out during the rallies in front of army facilities, leading to the destruction of furniture and possessions inside the home of a military corps commander in Lahore. Many experts believe Mr. Khan’s victory in the 2018 election was aided by the military, despite the fact that he has been a vocal opponent of their actions, which have increased his popularity and decreased the army’s. Imran Khan’s supporters have also demonstrated in front of the Pakistan High Commission in London.


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