“Tornadoes wreak havoc across South and Midwest, leaving over 21 dead and dozens injured”
Tornadoes caused extensive damage across the US Midwest and South on Friday, claiming the lives of at least 21 individuals and injuring numerous others. ABC News reported that over the last 24 hours, 57 twisters were reported across seven states, with Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois suffering the most damage. The state of Arkansas witnessed the highest number of fatalities, with five people losing their lives in the cities of Wynne and North Little Rock due to tornadoes.
According to CNN, the mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott, described the situation as “devastating,” with over 30,000 people currently experiencing power outages. He explained that the tornado struck without warning, causing widespread destruction throughout the western part of the city within a matter of minutes.
After the tornadoes caused havoc in Arkansas, the state’s governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, declared a state of emergency and took to Twitter to reassure the public that every available resource will be utilized to aid the affected communities. The residents of Wynne, one of the hardest-hit cities, reported widespread chaos and destruction.
Wynne City Council member Lisa Powell Carter expressed her distress on Friday, saying she was in a state of panic while trying to make her way home. However, the devastation caused by the tornadoes made it impossible to do so. According to her, the city of Wynne had been badly affected, with several houses destroyed and trees blocking the streets.
Gabrielle Lewellyn, describing her experience to WTVO-TV, said that she had arrived at the site just moments before the tornado struck. She recalled the speed with which the wind had picked up, going from calm to extremely violent within seconds.
In other parts of the affected region, authorities reported that three individuals lost their lives near Sullivan, Indiana, while one person each died in Alabama and Mississippi.


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