After Imran Khan's eight-day physical remand, NAB will start a formal investigation todayAfter Imran Khan's eight-day physical remand, NAB will start a formal investigation today

Imran Khan is accused of alleged corruption in the Al-Qadir Trust land case

After the eight-day actual remand of Imran Khan, Grab will begin a proper examination today. Imran Khan is blamed for supposed defilement in the Al-Qadir Trust land case. Police lines in Islamabad have been pronounced a sub-prison. Have gone

Imran Khan, who was captured in the Al-Qadir Trust case, was introduced in the court laid out in Police Lines Islamabad. Capture mentioned 14 days of actual remand, be that as it may, the court conceded 8 days of actual remand to the previous state head and gave him over to seize guardianship. Director Pt. Imran Khan mentioned calling his unique doctor, Dr. Faisal, he made sense of that the individual kicks the bucket gradually while giving the infusion, I’m anxious about the possibility that that something like this won’t occur to me.

Previous Top state leader Imran Khan was brought to the Islamabad Police Base camp because of safety concerns, Capture Court and Area Court were moved to Police Line for hearing the bodies of evidence against the PTI Executive.

The becoming aware of the argument against Imran Khan is happening before Judge Muhammad Bashir in the Responsibility Court laid out at the Police Visitor House. The previous Head of the state was created in the court. Gone against.

Imran Khan’s attorney said that Capture has no locale for the situation, Grab has not even shared the request report, fair preliminary is Imran Khan’s fundamental right, and Imran Khan’s preliminary should be in open court as per regulation.

Representative Examiner General Sardar Mutfar let the court know that Imran Khan was given a warrant at the hour of his capture.

Imran Khan’s legal advisors protested and said that Capture didn’t share every one of the records of the case with us, on which Delegate Investigator General Seize guaranteed to give the records under the steady gaze of the court.

The Catch examiner further said in contentions that the cash recuperated in the UK was saved in the Bahria Town account, Shahzad Akbar advised Imran Khan in the bureau meeting, and Imran Khan endorsed keeping the records fixed.

The responsibility court articulated the held choice after the contentions of the legal advisors were finished and the explanations behind the capture of Imran Khan were presented by the Grab. The court endorsed the 8-day actual remand of previous State leader Imran Khan.

In the court choice, it has been said that the Capture police line will explore Director PTI Imran Khan in Islamabad itself.

Imran Khan communicated apprehension about being killed while in care While doing this, he said that they are infusing, the individual is gradually kicking the bucket, he has not gone to the washroom for 60 minutes, I’m anxious about the possibility that something like this will happen to me.

Imran Khan’s clinical report was additionally submitted

The clinical board gave over the report to the Grab specialists pronouncing previous State leader Imran Khan Solid. Imran Khan was medicinally analyzed by PIMS and polyclinic specialists. As indicated by sources, Imran Khan’s circulatory strain, sugar level, heartbeat, and pulse were ordinary, and blood CP, LP, RFT, and LFT were likewise finished.

The move of Imran Khan from Catch Office to Police Central Command Islamabad

Recently Executive PTI and previous State leader Imran Khan were moved to Police Lines Base camp Islamabad for examination. What’s more, a warning was given to concede the situation with a court to the visitor house in it for one day.

As per the notice, the knowledge about the bodies of evidence against Imran Khan will be held at the Police Lines Visitor House, and the knowledge about the cases in the Region Court will likewise be held here. On the solicitation of the Capture, the national government gave the visitor house the situation with a sub-prison. The group headed by Chief Mian Umar will examine Imran Khan.

To hear the bodies of evidence against Imran Khan, Responsibility Court judge Muhammad Basheer and his staff arrived at the gas house in the police central command. What is the choice to demand to give?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Director Imran Khan’s group of legal advisors likewise arrived at the police lines court, which incorporates Khawaja Haris, Babar Awan, and Faisal Chaudhry.

The group of Imran Khan’s legal advisors was not permitted to pass through the fundamental entryway, the police guided them to go to the police lines through the back door.

Addressing the media on this event, Faisal Chaudhry said that they are not being permitted to enter, the constitution and regulation are being ridiculed, there is no standard and guideline in the country right now, there was an assault on the Islamabad High Court yesterday and the court proclaimed it supported. Dia was frustrated with the previous choice of the Islamabad High Court.

He further said that Imran Khan was captured by breaking the glass by going after the court, this is rarely finished, he would have captured us by telling us, Imran Khan himself was prepared to capture us, and we have no data about moving the courts. Not given, we have little to no faith in the adjudicator hearing the Tosha Khana case, we have zero faith in these courts, and we will apply against the appointed authority hearing the Tosha Khana case.

Asad Umar captured

Senior head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and previous government serve Asad Umar was captured by the Administrative Police from the premises of Islamabad High Court made it happen. As per sources, he has been moved to Ramna police headquarters, the explanations behind his capture have not been given at this point.

A high alert was given in Islamabad

As per the warning, the cops posted in the city were told to convey weapons, during the dissent yesterday, police faculty were restricted from conveying weapons, and Officers will be sent to significant offices, while the furnished police workforce will be conveyed at squares and crossing points.

As per the Islamabad Police Representative, a severe move has been made against the people who harm public and confidential property, in excess of 100 lowlifes have been captured from across the city up until this point.

The previous circumstance

Prior, the Islamabad High Court had proclaimed legitimate the capture of Tehreek-e-Insaf Director and previous State head Imran Khan, who was captured by Seize in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

The High Court of Islamabad, giving a protected decision, dismissed the solicitation for the arrival of PTI Executive Imran Khan and pronounced his capture as lawful. Imran Khan will be created in the Catch court tomorrow.

The High Court has given disdain of court notification to the Inside Secretary and the IG on the capture of Imran Khan and has requested an investigation into the occurrences of defacement in the court premises.

Prior, the Islamabad High Court had held its choice whether the capture of Tehreek-e-Insaf Administrator Imran Khan was lawful or not.

In the Islamabad High Court, the meeting on Imran Khan’s bail petitions began once more. Capture DG Irfan Baig and Appointee Examiner General Seize Sardar Muzaffar showed up.

Boss Equity Aamir Farooq asked how Seize by and large executes warrants. Accordingly, Sardar Muzaffar said that we had requested the Service from Inside to execute the warrant.

The Main Equity found out if any Seize official was available when the capture occurred. Catch Examiner Sardar Muzaffar said that the exploring Nadeem was outside on Bela Street, Main Equity said that the attorneys were abused and everything occurred in this compound.

Likewise read: The Main Equity asked that the capture produced using this compound can be viable. In light of which Sardar Muzaffar said that all techniques can be embraced for capture, the Central Equity said that my inquiry as of now is regardless of whether the capture is legitimate. Does Catch do likewise for each situation as it did today? Prior you did this for a situation in the High Court.

That’s what the Central Equity asked, should this be possible with the courts too? Accordingly, Khawaja Haris said that the court cleared the blame for this situation, while Sardar Muzaffar said that the capture can be produced using any spot in Pakistan. He said that the courts were considered to have nobility.

Khawaja Haris gave the record of correspondence to Grab and said to ask Seize when did the request transform into an examination? Khawaja Haris said that Grab will undoubtedly furnish us with a request report, he wrote to Capture that he needed to give a request report under area 18, such malignance of Catch has never become known.

In the meantime, President High Court Bar Naveed Malik additionally showed up in the court, he said that Islamabad High Court was gone after today, and legal counselors were killed as though nobody planned to inquire.

Boss Equity Amir Faruq said that the Grab revisions were made to give security, in spite of the fact that you have tested these alterations of the Catch, are these changes great?

Khawaja Haris said that we were worried about the possibility that Seize planned to follow through with something like this that is the reason we were documenting the application today to take the request report, the bail application was additionally being recorded in the Al-Qadir case, Imran Khan was doing biometrics when he was captured. An entrance rule was abused.

Islamabad High Court Boss Equity Aamir Farooq, while holding the case, commented that regardless of whether the capture of Imran Khan is lawful, he will give a suitable request.

Prior Boss Equity Amir Farooq commented that DG Seize Rawalpindi and Examiner General should show up in the court in thirty minutes.

The Central Equity of Islamabad High Court said that he had requested a response in a short time on the capture of Imran Khan, 45 minutes have passed. IG showed up at Islamabad High Court.

Boss Equity Islamabad High Court Aamir Farooq called the IG Islamabad shortly during the meeting on the bail uses of Executive PTI Imran Khan.

Once more, while the consultation began, the IG showed up at the Islamabad High Court and said that Executive PTI Imran Khan has been captured by the Public Responsibility Agency (Catch).

The Main Equity of Islamabad High Court communicated his ire over the non-appearance of the Inside Secretary and said that he had requested a response shortly, however, it has been 45 minutes, would it be advisable for me I call the government bureau?

It ought to be noticed that sometime prior to Catch in the Al-Qadir Trust case Director Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan was captured from the premises of Islamabad High Court.


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