Martin Cooper

The creator of the mobile phone is attributed to both Nathan Stubblefield and Martin Cooper. Stubblefield, an American farmer and radio amateur, created the first mobile phone in 1902, which was as big as a pot lid and had a 120-foot-high antenna. However, it was Cooper who developed the first handheld mobile phone in 1973 while working at Motorola’s Personal Communications Division. Cooper, who was inspired by the wireless communication device on the TV show Star Trek, felt that personal communication was the way to go instead of just vehicle communication. He wanted to create a cellular phone that could connect people rather than places. Cooper’s team created the first mobile phone using cellular wireless networking to connect terminals and network devices through wireless channels. The first call on the handheld mobile phone was made by Cooper himself in Manhattan, where he showed off the world’s first mobile phone to the public. Today, we can see how rapidly communication technology has developed since the first mobile phone, which was cumbersome and had a talk duration of just 35 minutes.


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