Mulkey recalled informing Babb two years prior that he would never have the opportunity to interview her.

Mulkey expressed her frustration with the efforts made by the journalist, whom she chose not to name, in attempting to compile a negative story. She recounted a persistent pursuit spanning two years, culminating in a sudden barrage of inquiries to LSU just before the team’s crucial first-round tournament game. Mulkey emphasized the impracticality of the tight deadline set by the reporter, coupled with her evident intent to prevent her from providing input and diverting attention from the ongoing tournament. She firmly asserted that such tactics would not succeed in deterring her focus or disrupting the team’s performance.”

Mulkey, aged 61, recounted informing Babb two years prior that he would never secure an interview with her, citing her displeasure with his previous article critical of Brian Kelly, the LSU football head coach. Expressing her frustration, Mulkey declared her determination not to tolerate any potential attacks from The Washington Post on the university, her exceptional team of young women, or herself. She affirmed her resolve by stating that she had enlisted the services of the nation’s top defamation law firm and vowed to take legal action against The Washington Post if they were to publish any false allegations about her. Mulkey emphasized her unique position to hold such journalists accountable and pledged to do so relentlessly.

Kent Bobb, who is he?

Babb boasts a tenure of 14 years at The Washington Post, during which his feature writing has been recognized as the best in the nation by The Associated Press Sports Editors on three separate occasions.

Mulkey leveled accusations against Babb, alleging that he employed deceptive tactics to coax her former assistant coaches into speaking with him under false pretenses of her involvement in the interview. Furthermore, she disclosed that former players informed her of approaches by The Washington Post, offering them anonymity in exchange for providing negative commentary about her.


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