There is confusion and bewilderment about taking different types of nutritional supplements, how safe and effective they are, and whether they’re worth your money.

Internal medicine specialist, Ronan Vaktura, said: “It is important that you speak with your doctor before taking any kind of supplement, especially since unregulated supplements pose a risk if taken with other medications in excessive quantities, or taken to treat an unconfirmed medical problem.” (Sky News).

Here are 5 surprising, and sometimes worrisome, side effects of taking supplements every day:


Fulvic acid is a natural compound found in the soil. It is believed to have significant health benefits, but not all experts are convinced of this. Fulvic acid supplements have antioxidant capabilities, but they also have oxidative capabilities and therefore can cause damage rather than prevent it, according to a functional medicine specialist. Elizabeth Bradley.”

And if you’re taking a supplement that contains acid and you don’t know its purity, you may be taking heavy metals like mercury and arsenic.”

The doctor advised, “Look for other products that will create similar results, rather than resorting to fulvic acid, because the studies weren’t 100 percent conclusive about how much you should take.”


Doctors warn that alleged weight-loss supplements can have dangerous side effects, and in this regard, a physician who specializes in treating obesity, Shweta Diwakar, said: “Liver injuries resulting from herbal and nutritional supplements represent about 20 percent of liver damage cases in the United States, The main ingredients associated with these conditions include anabolic steroids and green tea extract, as many weight loss supplements deemed unsafe can be found online.


Experts warn that consuming protein supplements for children is “unnecessary and may be harmful,” as sports nutritionist, Diana Schnee said: “Consuming more protein, especially from protein supplements, is not necessarily healthy or beneficial, and this is especially true for children, where excessive protein intake does not lead to more muscle growth but instead can stress the liver and kidneys and increase the risk of dehydration. The child needs more.


Doctors say if you have trouble sleeping and regularly take sleep-aiding supplements, beware of side effects: “It should not be taken long-term, but rather if you experience a difficult and insomniakya night from time to time,” according to a sleep expert and professor at the University College of Medicine. Harvard, Lawrence Epstein When the body gets used to these supplements, they no longer work with the same effect, and there is no clear data about what would happen if they were used for long periods.

There is a possibility that antihistamines may cause side effects in older people, such as confusion and falls. Most sleep problems can be corrected without medication, but it may take longer.


Despite its widespread use, experts have confirmed that there are almost no protective benefits from taking supplements associated with prostate health. Vitamin E was also thought to have benefits for prostate health. This has also been disproved, and we now know that vitamin E has negative effects on prostate health. Cardiovascular, so we strongly advise not to eat it in excess,” according to urologist James Olshaker.


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