Similar to other festivals like Christmas, there might be some uncertainty over the origins of Easter. These holidays are frequently not observed by some secular cultures because of their association with Christ, but some Christians do not observe them because of their pagan roots. And even though I find this topic so fascinating that I could write a whole essay on it alone, I decided to just describe what Easter means to me.

Although my perspective of Easter has evolved over the years from being a non-Christian child to a believer in Jesus, one aspect of the holiday has never changed: it has always been a day spent with family. It has just my mom, my brother, and me since I was two years old. Using what little resources she had at the time, my mom would always spend a great deal of time making elaborate Easter baskets and ridiculous Easter egg hunts. Buying me a new Easter attire every year, trying to con us with old Polaroid pictures of us spotting the Easter Bunny in action, and preparing the home for this very important occasion. From as early as I can remember, I have always looked forward to a day full with candy baskets, colored eggs, and a lavish feast.

A custom that began with only my mother, my brother, and me and has expanded to include my amazing husband, my devoted in-laws, and my three amazing children. A holiday that hasn’t altered all that much because I’m making the same memories with my kids that my mother did with me. Making messes, dying eggs, and working on Easter crafts as a family to get ready for an exciting and wonder-filled morning. For the record, my mother continues to go above and beyond every year to make this holiday extra memorable for her grandchildren, my husband, and myself, as well as for my brother and myself. In other words, she continues to make this celebration great for generations to come.

Regardless of whether the pagan goddess Ishtar or Jesus Christ’s resurrection is credited with founding this festival, it brings back wonderful childhood memories for me. It also serves as a reminder to constantly cherish the people we love the most in our lives.

So, if I could give any uninvited advice this holiday season, it would be to concentrate on what unites us rather than what separates us from one another as a family, a society, and as individuals. No matter what or how we are celebrating, it’s about finding love and joy in these moments of celebration because there can’t be a wrong way to show our loved ones how much they mean to us by just sitting down to a meal or spending time together.

Deviled eggs are another Easter table staple, so this year I thought I’d add salmon, fresh dill, and lemon to give this holiday favorite a coastal twist.


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