Prime Minister Shehbaz expressed Pakistan’s earnest desire to collaborate with the United States in achieving the common objectives of global peace, stability, and regional progress. Emphasizing the significance of bilateral relations, he underscored Pakistan’s commitment to working closely with the US towards these shared goals. By fostering a cooperative partnership, both nations aim to contribute positively to international peace and stability while promoting regional development and prosperity.

  • Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif highlighted Pakistan’s strong ties with the United States, emphasizing their importance.
  • Both countries collaborate on significant initiatives spanning energy, climate change, agriculture, and the health and education sectors.
  • PM Shehbaz welcomed cooperation in the energy sector and the Green Alliance framework.
  • Pakistan aims to work with the US to achieve shared goals of global peace, stability, and regional progress.
  • US President Joe Biden pledged continued support to Pakistan’s new government in addressing global and regional challenges.
  • This outreach marks a promising signal of improved relations, overcoming previous strains.
  • The US reiterated its commitment to supporting Pakistan’s security and tackling global challenges.
  • Both nations aim for a future of enhanced health security, economic growth, and education access.

The US remains dedicated to collaborating with Pakistan on human rights and progress, strengthening the partnership between the two nations


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