NBC Ends Relationship with Former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Amid Backlash"NBC Ends Relationship with Former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Amid Backlash"

Ronna McDaniel, who previously served as the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), found herself in the spotlight once again as she transitioned to a new role at a news network shortly after leaving her position at the RNC. The swift hiring, just two weeks after her departure from the RNC, drew attention and raised questions internally.

NBC News made the decision to bring McDaniel on board as a contributor. However, this move sparked concerns among her new colleagues and prompted internal discussions within the network. In an email announcing McDaniel’s appointment, NBC News Chairman, Cesar Conde, emphasized the importance of cohesion and alignment within the organization, stating that recent events had highlighted how the decision to hire McDaniel could potentially undermine these goals.

Conde expressed regret and issued a personal apology to the team members who felt let down by the decision. He took full responsibility for approving the appointment, acknowledging that it was a collective recommendation from some members of the leadership team. The announcement of McDaniel’s hiring stirred internal unease, leading NBC to reevaluate her contract, reportedly valued at $300,000 annually.

The concerns surrounding McDaniel’s appointment were brought into sharper focus during a conversation between NBC’s chief political analyst, Chuck Todd, and Meet the Press moderator, Kristen Welker. Todd suggested that the network owed Welker an apology following her previous interaction with McDaniel on air. He speculated about the potential impact of McDaniel’s contractual obligations on her responses during interviews, hinting at credibility issues that McDaniel may still need to address.

In light of these developments, NBC News found itself navigating internal discord and external scrutiny regarding McDaniel’s appointment and its implications for journalistic integrity and credibility.

During a Sunday show, NBC’s chief political analyst, Chuck Todd, shed light on the discomfort among many journalists at NBC News regarding the network’s decision. He cited years of professional interactions with the Republican National Committee (RNC), characterized by gaslighting and character assassination, as reasons behind this unease.

The network’s choice also drew criticism from Rachel Maddow, who voiced her concerns during her Monday night broadcast. Maddow expressed bewilderment over the decision to employ McDaniel and urged NBC to reconsider.

Ronna McDaniel, the first woman to hold the title of RNC chair, announced her departure from the position in February, effective early March. In her statement, she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve the Republican National Committee for seven years, emphasizing her dedication to electing Republicans and advancing the party’s growth.

McDaniel’s tenure as RNC chair was marked by her close association with former President Trump. Following the 2020 election, McDaniel echoed Trump’s claims of electoral fraud, alleging that the election was “rigged” and asserting that President Biden’s victory was illegitimate. However, McDaniel later acknowledged Biden’s win, stating that he was the legitimate president and that the election results were certified.

In response to questioning from Welker over the weekend, McDaniel reiterated her acknowledgment of Biden’s victory, while also alluding to concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election. She maintained that acknowledging such concerns did not delegitimize Biden’s presidency.


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