The six disappeared early on Tuesday after a cargo ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge and caused it to collapse. Officials stated that the search is now a recovery operation.

BALTIMORE — One of the busiest ports in the nation was closed and six people were killed when a major Baltimore bridge fell like a house of cards early on Tuesday as a result of a container ship striking it.

According to Coast Guard Rear Admiral Shannon N. Gilreath, by Tuesday night, efforts to find and save the six individuals who were working on the bridge when it fell had turned into a recovery mission.

“We don’t think we’re going to find any of these people still alive,” he stated, citing the temperature of the water and the amount of time that had gone since the ship slammed and collapsed the Francis Scott Key Bridge at 1:30 in the morning.

Prior to this, Brawner Builders executive vice president Jeffrey Pritzker stated that one person had survived. Their identities remained a secret. Governor Wes Moore of Maryland voiced his grief after officials halted the active search for survivors earlier on Tuesday, despite the fact that a huge search was still underway. Moore expressed hope that the missing individuals may be located


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