On Saturday, the U.S. Navy disclosed the identity of a sailor who fell overboard during deployment in the Red Sea. The sailor in question is Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class Oriola Michael Aregbesola, as confirmed by military authorities. The incident occurred on Wednesday, involving Aregbesola falling overboard from the USS Mason. Notably, he was serving with the “Swamp Foxes” of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 74 at the time of the incident.

Aregbesola, aged 34 and hailing from Florida, began his naval service in July 2020.

Petty Officer Aregbesola exemplified the selfless dedication and resilient warrior ethos inherent in every United States Navy Sailor,” remarked Cmdr. Eric Kohut, the commanding officer of HSM-74. “His exceptional contributions, both before and during deployment, extended far beyond his duties in aircraft maintenance; he genuinely recognized and appreciated every member of our ship and air team.

Aregbesola’s passing was attributed to a non-combat-related occurrence, as confirmed by the Department of Defense. The circumstances surrounding the incident are presently under investigation.

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, currently serving as the Deputy Commander of the United States Central Command, provided significant insight during a recent interview with “60 Minutes”. He disclosed that approximately 7,000 American sailors are actively deployed within the Red Sea region. This revelation underscores the strategic importance and extensive naval presence maintained by the United States in this vital maritime area.

After Houthi rebels, who took over Yemen’s capital Sanaa in 2014, started attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea in support of Hamas, President Biden sent the U.S. Navy to the region.


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