The U.S. Military Academy at West PointThe U.S. Military Academy at West Point

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point has announced a significant change in its mission statement, with the traditional motto “Duty, Honor, Country” being replaced by the term “Army Values.” Superintendent Lt. Gen. Steve Gilland conveyed this update in a letter addressed to supporters and students, citing a reassessment of the institution’s vision, mission, and strategy.

Lt. Gen. Gilland emphasized the imperative to cultivate leaders capable of effectively serving the nation’s interests in combat situations, necessitating a revised approach. The recommendation to incorporate “Army Values” into the mission statement, made after collaborative efforts with stakeholders both within and outside of West Point, was subsequently approved by Army Chief of Staff Randy George and Secretary of the Army Christine Warmouth.

Critics have characterized this shift as a manifestation of “woke” practices within West Point and the broader U.S. military. However, Gilland clarified that the updated mission statement underscores the core objectives of building, educating, training, and inspiring the Corps of Cadets to become leaders of character, dedicated to embodying the Army Values, and prepared for lifelong service.

Despite the removal of the specific phrase “Duty, Honor, Country” from the mission statement, Gilland affirmed that the values it represents remain integral to the ethos of West Point upheld through actions such as loyalty and allegiance to the Constitution, the Army, and fellow soldiers.

Gilland concluded the letter by reaffirming the institution’s steadfast commitment to developing leaders of character capable of navigating increasingly challenging battlefields, signing off with the enduring sentiment, “Go Army! Duty, Honor, and Nation!”

This alteration marks the ninth revision to West Point’s mission statement over the course of a century, reflecting the institution’s ongoing evolution and adaptation to contemporary challenges and priorities.


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