In the aftermath of the 2023 sex scandal within the La Vergne police department, the city has reached a settlement to pay former police officer Maegan Hall $500,000. La Vergne city leaders voted 3 to 1 in favor of the settlement during a special meeting held Wednesday night.”

The $500,000 settlement, reached without the city admitting guilt, resolves Hall’s lawsuit against the city and three of her former superiors.”

Tonight, the La Vergne Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to empower the mayor to sign a settlement agreement with former police officer Maegan Hall. This agreement, negotiated by attorneys representing both the City and Hall, entails a gross settlement of $500,000 to Hall, covering court costs, attorney’s fees, and expenses. Notably, the City’s insurance provider will cover this settlement, and there is no admission of liability from the City’s end. Additionally, no taxpayer funds will be utilized to resolve this lawsuit.”

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We initially reported on this issue in January of the previous year, when revelations surrounding a series of inappropriate incidents within the department came to light. Reports uncovered instances of sexual activity occurring between officers while on duty and on city premises, as well as the sharing of intimate photos and videos among department members. Furthermore, there was notable silence from the Police Chief, who was aware of the unfolding events.

Maegan Hall, a former officer embroiled in the controversy, expressed her dismay in an exclusive interview with News Channel 5 early last year. She stated, ‘While I was committed to protecting my community, the La Vergne police department failed to protect me,’ highlighting the gravity of the situation and its impact on her personally.”

Hall and her legal representative assert that she endured a hostile work environment and allege that her former supervisors engaged in grooming behavior. This assertion follows her termination, along with four other officers and the police chief, amidst the scandal.

The vote held on Wednesday effectively concludes Hall’s lawsuit against both the city and three of her former superiors within the department. Notably, Alderman Dennis Waldron cast the sole dissenting vote, indicating a divergence in opinion among the board members regarding the resolution of the lawsuit.

“What message does that send to all the other employees?” he questioned. “It’s essentially broadcasting to everyone, ‘Come to La Vergne, and sue La Vergne because they’ll settle.'”

The City maintains that the $500,000 gross settlement, covering court expenses, attorney fees, and related costs, will be covered by their insurance provider. It’s important to clarify that this settlement does not utilize taxpayer funds.


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