Israel’s isolation grows as Norway, Ireland, and Spain declare their intention to accept a Palestinian state.

A momentous but mainly symbolic action, the announcement on Wednesday by Norway, Ireland, and Spain that they would recognize a Palestinian state further isolates Israel after more than seven months of a bloody conflict with Hamas in Gaza. Israel criticized the choices and withdrew its ambassadors from all three nations.

The declarations were warmly received by Palestinian authorities, who saw them as a confirmation of their long-standing demand for statehood in east Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip—areas that Israel still controls and took over during the 1967 Mideast war.
Even while more than two-thirds of the UN, or about 140 nations, acknowledge the existence of a Palestinian state, Wednesday’s wave of declarations could gain traction at a time when even Israel’s closest friends are criticizing the Israeli government for its actions in Gaza.

In a historic declaration, Norway, Ireland, and Spain promise to back a Palestinian state.

Although the timing of the move was unexpected, certain European Union nations have been debating whether or not to recognize a Palestinian state for weeks. Proponents contend that, fifteen years after talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down, the war has demonstrated the necessity of a fresh drive toward a two-state solution. The administration of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is against Palestinian statehood.

Following the announcement that the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court would pursue arrest warrants for Netanyahu and his defense minister, it was the second blow to Israel’s standing abroad this week. The charges of genocide, which Israel has vehemently denied, are also under consideration by the International Court of Justice.

Israel summoned the envoys of the three nations and called back their ambassadors, alleging that the Europeans had given the violent Hamas group rewards for the strike on October 7 that started the conflict. The ambassadors from Europe, according to Foreign Minister Israel Katz, would view graphic video footage of the attack.

During that attack, terrorists commanded by Hamas broke through the border, murdering 1,200 people and capturing about 250 others as hostages. Three Hamas leaders also have arrest warrants requested by the ICC prosecutor. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, Israel’s subsequent offensive has resulted in over 35,000 Palestinian deaths, a humanitarian disaster, and a near-famine. Israeli officials are allegedly using famine as a weapon, according to the ICC prosecutor.


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