Google to Integrate Chat AI

Google will add an AI chat function to search engine

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, is navigating increased commercial pressures and competition from chatbots like ChatGPT while leading the tech business. Despite this, Pichai announced the company’s plans to integrate conversational AI capabilities into its core search engine. According to Pichai, developments in artificial intelligence will enhance Google’s ability to handle various search inquiries.

He also expressed that chatbots like ChatGPT do not pose a threat to Google’s search operation. Pichai believes there is significant opportunity for growth and innovation in the field of conversational AI. Google, a pioneer in the field of large language models, has yet to fully utilize the technology to influence how people search, but Pichai promises that this will change. Over half of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc.’s revenue comes from search. Pichai also serves as the CEO of Alphabet.


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