On Instagram, Joy, who is the mother of the rapper’s son, asserted, “Let’s direct our attention to your genuine evil deeds of raping and physically abusing me.” In response, the artist’s representative dismissed the allegations as “unfounded and groundless accusations.”

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson fiercely denies the physical and sexual abuse allegations made against him by Daphne Joy, his ex-girlfriend. A representative for the rapper responded to these claims in a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday.

The statement conveyed Jackson’s profound concern regarding the serious allegations contained within legal documents recently submitted in connection with Joy, who is the mother of his twelve-year-old child, Sire. It emphasized Jackson’s unwavering commitment to protecting the well-being of his son, Sire, by pursuing all necessary legal measures.

Jackson’s representative underscored the apparent timing of Joy’s accusations, characterizing them as unfounded and retaliatory in nature. According to the statement, Joy’s allegations coincide with Jackson’s decision to seek sole custody of his son, suggesting a strategic motive behind her actions.

The spokesperson reiterated Jackson’s primary focus on ensuring the safety and security of his son, highlighting it as his paramount concern amid the unfolding legal proceedings. Jackson’s dedication to providing a safe environment for Sire was emphasized as the driving force behind his response to the allegations.

Earlier in the day, Daphne Joy took to her Instagram account to address the public, alleging that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson had previously subjected her to sexual assault and abuse. The revelation comes amidst a history that saw the couple dating in 2011 and subsequently welcoming their son, Sire, into the world in 2012, before ultimately parting ways soon after.

In a poignant and lengthy post, Joy directed her words directly at Jackson, expressing her frustration and anguish over what she perceives as his disregard for their safety and well-being. She accused Jackson of trivializing serious matters until they directly impacted their safety, pointing out the distress and chaos he has brought into their lives.

Joy’s message contained a deeply personal plea, questioning how Jackson would feel if their son, Sire, found himself in a situation where his safety was jeopardized, perhaps even facing unjust consequences. She recounted their efforts to facilitate a relationship between Jackson and Sire, including relocating to New York to afford him the opportunity to be a present father figure. However, she lamented that Jackson’s involvement in Sire’s life fell drastically short of expectations, with minimal contact over the two years they lived in close proximity.

With a sense of exhaustion and disillusionment evident in her words, Joy conveyed her weariness in upholding an image of Jackson to their son, an image she believes he has failed to live up to. The post serves as a poignant indictment of their past relationship and the challenges they have faced in co-parenting Sire.

Continuing her impassioned message, Joy confronted Jackson directly, accusing him of perpetrating heinous acts of sexual assault and physical abuse against her. She asserted that he was no longer able to exert power over her, as she entrusted her faith in a higher authority to address his actions. With a heavy heart, she declared that his recent actions, including the dissemination of false accusations against her, had shattered any remaining hope she held for him to fulfill his role as a father and maintain their family unit.

The timing of Joy’s allegations coincided with reports that Jackson was seeking sole custody of their son. This development emerged after Joy was implicated in a lawsuit filed by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones against Sean “Diddy” Combs, wherein Combs was accused of involvement in sex trafficking and abuse. Joy’s name surfaced in connection with allegations of receiving financial compensation for purported sex work involving the music mogul.

Despite being named in the lawsuit alongside Combs’ former partner, Yung Miami, Joy vehemently refuted the accusations. Taking to Instagram once more, she expressed deep hurt and indignation over the falsehoods contained within Jones’ lawsuit. She denounced the claim that she engaged in sex work as entirely baseless and viewed it as a malicious attempt to tarnish her character. Determined to defend her reputation, Joy announced her intention to pursue legal action against both Jones and his legal representation, signaling her resolve to confront the allegations head-on and seek redress through the appropriate channels.


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